Photography with Power: How to Take Better Photos

Photography with Power: How to Take Better Photos 

Digital cameras have made photography very accessible and you may have the urge to shoot and shoot and point and click. The ability to see and visualize are important qualifications for a photographer. Thinking ahead to concerns such as composition and lighting, might make the later editing and delete stage much quicker.

You may regard your picture taking very seriously – or you may wish to keep your photos as a basic snapshot record of your life and family. In either case: here are some photo tips:

photographer how to take better photos

Photographic Points of Interest

  • Emphasize the main point of interest in a scene.
  • Don’t attempt to confuse a picture by telling more than one story.
  • Move in closer!
  • Look beyond your subject to the background. Keep backgrounds simple and uncluttered to avoid shots with trees or lamps growing out of a person's head.

Picture Lighting

  • Consider the time of day when shooting. This will affect your photo’s lighting. Best times are sunrise until 11 am. and 4 pm to sunset. Avoid 11 am to 3 pm because of harsh contrast lighting.
  • Use natural light to your advantage, particularly if you are a novice photographer. Artificial light can be tricky and unpredictable.

Photo Composition & Artistic Vision

  • It is wise to have horizon lines about one third from either top or bottom. The horizon should never divide a picture into two equal parts.
  • Place the dominant part of your photo away from the centre. This adds an air of tension and excitement to your photo.
  • Seek out uncommon patterns and designs to create a dramatic striking picture.
  • Experiment by making the ordinary extraordinary with techniques such as back lit silhouette shots.

Photographic Resources

  • Expose yourself to the works of professional photographers, photo galleries, courses and websites such as Photo Net to enhance your creative juices.

Some circumstances will call for special photo techniques. Travel photos, nature pictures, photos of children, action photos and sports photos may require some distinctive methods to capture that original image.

Photo experts will tell you that a great photo is one that is imaginative, original, has impact and is filled with meaning and feeling. Andreas Feininger, one of the fathers of photography and a former staff photographer of Life magazine, believes “photography is a picture with purpose and meaning.” Since the invention of photography, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether photography is an art, a science, or a hobby. Regardless of the debate, the best photo is the one that also gives you personal satisfaction.